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ACU Canberra Rural Placement Grants

About this scholarship

It is recognised across the University sector that a barrier for students taking practicum placements in rural and/or regional locations is the additional financial burden placed on the student due to increased costs, together with loss of income from regular employment. To assist students at the Canberra campus to undertake such placements, Australian Catholic University is making available up to eight Rural and Regional Placement Grants per year.

Scholarship type



Up to $1,000 is available, to be paid in one lump sum.
There are 8 Grants available.

Student type

Current Students


This Grant is open to applicants who meet all of the following criteria, as of the Grant application closing date:
  • Citizenship: all
  • Target group: students undertaking a rural placement
  • Faculty: Education and Arts or Health Sciences
  • Course: any ACU degree
  • Campus: Canberra
  • Year level: any
  • Successful completion of a previous placement
  • Planning to undertake a rural or regional placement as part of a clinical or professional placement unit.

Application process

Please provide the following as part of the application:
  • A written statement of approximately 500 words outlining:
    • Details of your intended placement (including the distance from your home and the duration of the placement)
    • What are you looking forward to about your placement and what do you expect to gain from it professionally?
    • Tell us about your commitment to the mission and values of ACU and how your placement relates to these.
  • Evidence of successful completion of previous placement.
  • Evidence of acceptance into placement including a signed letter from a Placement Officer.
  • If you are not yet able to provide proof of the rural placement as the details are still being finalised, you will need to provide a letter from the Placement Officer explaining that the placement is in the process of being confirmed.
  • Itemised budget outlining how the Grant would support your placement (including travel, accommodation, and living expenses).

Selection criteria

Applications are assessed on the strength of the following criteria:
  • Written statement
  • Budget
  • Demonstration of the student’s commitment to the identity and mission of ACU, and how this will be enhanced in a rural placement

Selection process

The recipients will be shortlisted by the Grants Office and selected by a Selection Committee consisting of the Campus Dean, Marketing Coordinator, Office of Student Success staff member, and a relevant local Senior Academic for the School or nominee.

Ongoing requirements

Recipients are requested to submit a report to the Canberra Campus Dean within one month of completing the placement, outlining how the Grant monies were expended including all relevant receipts and an accurate log of kilometres travelled. The recipient should also highlight in the report how they have benefitted from undertaking the placement and how the Grant was of assistance.


  • Refer to the Australian Taxation Office Cents per Kilometre table to calculate travel costs.
  • The Grant will not be awarded to support placements undertaken in the home location of the applicant.
  • The Grant cannot be requested to replace lost income. Students undertaking placements for a community engagement unit are not eligible to apply.