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ACU National Student Association - Student Travel and Training Grant (STTG)

About this Scholarship

In 2014, the Australian Catholic University National Student Association (ACUNSA) established the Student Travel and Training Grant (STTG) in conjunction with the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Students, Learning and Teaching) to assist students with the associated costs of attending conferences, humanitarian activities, undertaking practicums or other further student travel and/or training that supports the studies of ACU students.

Scholarship type



These grants are valued at $500 and will be paid in one lump sum.
There are 35 grants availible.


Student type

Current Students


This grant is open to applicants who meet all of the following criteria:
  • Citizenship: domestic and international student
  • Faculty: any
  • Campus: any
  • Year level: any
  • Required study load: current study load of at least 1 coursework unit
  • Undertaking a conference, humanitarian activity, practicum, or other student training. The activity must be undertaken within 6 months before or after the application closing date.

Application process

Please provide the following as part of the application:
  • A written statement of approximately 200 words outlining what you hope to gain from your chosen activity
  • Evidence of completion or intent to complete the chosen activity
  • Budget of estimated expenses relating to your chosen activity

Selection criteria

Applications are assessed on the strength of the following criteria:
  • Written statement
  • Budget
  • Preference will be given to students who have not received any other ACU scholarship, grant or bursary related to travel and training identified in this application.

Selection process

The recipients will be determined by a selection committee consisting of at least four representative ACUNSA members or nominees including any of the following: ACUNSA President, the Campus Student Association Presidents, and the International Student representative.


  • Members of ACUNSA or any Campus Student Association Management Committee must withdraw from the selection committee to apply.
  • Scholarship recipients are requested to submit a letter to the ACUNSA President explaining how the grant has helped them.
  • Students are only eligible to receive the Grant once during their studies at ACU.